Big Brothers / Big Sisters of Toronto

“I believe that magic is a wonderful medium to help kids develop confidence and interpersonal skills, so I whole-heartedly endorse this program.”

Chris, Volunteer / Magic Coach / “Big”


“I have to say the support that [Julie] and James provide the bigs and littles is amazing – the best that I have seen yet.”

John Cox, Program Coordinator

In 2009, My Magic Hands teamed up with Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Toronto (BBBST) and the Group Activities Program.

For the Toronto area, a group of children (“Littles”) wait to be matched with a mentor (“Big”). While waiting for a permanent match, BBBST hosts group events where volunteer Bigs join children for group activities, usually on a weekly or bi-weekly occasion. With its interactive nature and structured learning, My Magic Hands was flagged as a complement to BBBST’s group activity programming.

During the winter of 2009, Magicana and BBBST partnered to deliver My Magic Hands over eight weekends. BBBST recruited volunteers (“Bigs”) and participants (“Littles”) and Magicana provided all the instruction, volunteer coaching and program execution.

And it was a smashing success!

Not only did we engage the youth in a fun and interactive program, but we also provided BBBST with a new tool to reach youth and introduced them to meaningful mentorship. After this initial partnership, we have continuously delivered workshops to BBBST over the years. Eventually, the program evolved into a one-day workshop where Littles, along with their Bigs, learn a variety of magic tricks for a whole day and showcase all of what they’ve learned during their Big Show at the end of the day.

Every year the Littles amaze, surprise and entertain 100+ sized audience with all the charms and subtleties of professionals. We are so delighted with their performances and equally proud of their achievements. The entire experience open many opportunities for fun, learning, mentorship and bonding – all the hallmarks of My Magic Hands and BBBST’s program goals.