“Thank you for bringing all the joy to our son and our family. He has been very excited about all the tricks that he gets to learn [at Holland Bloorivew Kids Rehab Hospital]. Often talks about the oath to keep it all secret when we ask him ‘How did you do it?'”


— Pal Dhamrait,

“Some of the tricks were difficult for [my son, age 7] to master due to some loss of function to fine motor details in one of his hands, while other tricks came quite easily to him.

The magicians/ teachers never failed to encourage him to keep trying and, with the incredible environment provided with peers included, he didn’t give up. By practicing and with a little/lot of patience, his skills improved and his muscles strengthened. Before we knew it, he was doing/achieving all of his magic tricks!

Please continue this program. It offers skills and confidence to these kids in a great time of frustration for them.”

Keri Kerby

“Since [my son] has started this program, he’s been more outgoing. He’s improved on his presentation skills and he’s been trying very hard to use his right hand, which he has great difficulty with even with simple things. Now he’s made much more of an effort to try and incorporate [his right hand skills] into his regular routine.

His confidence level has sky rocketed! He’s greatly improved over the past few weeks. He’s much more outgoing, much clearer with is words. He’s speaking louder, he’s more confident with his friends. He wants to show everyone his tricks.”


“I was very honoured to be invited to be here! These kids are very lucky to have this program. It was really awesome! Because of this program, I’ve seen some more concentration from [my student] at school. And that is an important thing!”

Miss Hence
School Teacher