My Magic Hands

The program uses the art of magic to teach participants essential life skills such as communication, critical thinking and problem solving, while learning great magic tricks.

My Magic Hands is a consecutive eight-class program for children aged eight to fourteen years. Though it is designed for this age group, our program also embraces teens and adults too.

For eight weeks, a professional magician teaches children the secrets of great magic tricks and how to perform them. That means learning both the secrets and the presentation skills necessary to present a truly magical effect.┬áThe goal of the session is to take the children through a journey where they transform – from participants to magicians – and demonstrate their newly-minted magical skills at the “Big Show” — a real magic show (recital) with a real audience generally made up of friends and family.

How does it work?

Learn the secret.

How does the session breakdown?

Bit by bit.


Participants overcome obstacles.